Help Please to Get UPNP working with Amarok

I am advised that to get Amarok to work as a client with upnp media streamer I must have kio-upnp-ms installed. Apparently also libHupnp and cagibi. I have been pointed to Git site but regret I am lost there and cannot find any of these files on any repo. Certainly have no idea how to install.
Please could somebody help me get this working.

I found your threads in the KDE forums.

Have you tried the SUSE factory RPM recommended in the KDE forums? Factory is bleeding edge, but it appears this is a very new Amarok feature
How to work UPnP Client in version 2.4.3 • KDE Community Forums

libHupnp Search Results

cagibi Search Results


Hi and many thanks for the reply. I hadn’t been back to KDE forum so hadn’t seen reference to KDE Factory site. Will keep fingers crossed and try!
Shall report back as soon as I have result.
Thanks again,

Has anybody sorted this out yet?

Hi all,

I’m running 12.1 with KDE 4.8. I also installed libHupnp1 and cagibi. But I still do not have the upnp-ms protocol in dolphin. So I think I don’t have the kio-upnp-ms slave installed or running. How can I verify if it is installed and running?

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