Help please need: apache2-mod_auth_mysql

Hi Folks,

Help would be appreciated… greatly. I’m running 10.3 and I’m installing a solution that requires apache2-mod_auth_mysql. I can’t seem to find the rpm on any of the online repositories.

Has the need for this module been deprecated due to new releases of MySQL and or Apache2 ?

I did find a source, but running into issues with the compile…

Any help or point me in the right direction…

Please ?


Yeah I think it isn’t supported for recent versions of Apache. At one location where I needed to authenticate against a MySQL table I used mod_authnz_external (search for it) and wrote a little Perl script to query the table. Somewhat inefficient but this path doesn’t get called often at this site.

Thanks ken,

I’ll move on and see if it’s actually needed. If I do end up needing it, the source is available, and I can compile it.

My dear

see Index of /repositories/Apache:/Modules/Apache_openSUSE_10.3/i586

apache2-mod_auth_mysql-3.0.0-4.65.i586.rpm rotfl!