Help Please i screwed Up Again

I have been learning Linux by the trial and error method, I make an error, screw things up and then go through the trials of Job to fix them <g>. Seriously I am liking Linux more and more (I am using SLED but this is a more general question, and there are fewer folks at that forum, so I hope no one minds me posting here.)

I accidently uninstalled my Xorg-X11-libs and now can not access either GNOME or Vwm2. All I can do at this point is access a ternimal/command line.

I do have the Xorg-X11-libs rpm on a SD card, and I am hoping to copy it to my harddrive and do an install from there, which should get me back in business. (I do not have an internal/external CD/DVD drive on this machine)Is this possible? I have searched the web, but found no answers.

Thank you your help.

Does this machine have an internet connection?

If so;
su -c “zypper in xorg-x11-libs”

No, unfortunately I can not access the net from this machine.

However the rpm file is also in a directory called repository. When I first did an ls command from root it did not show all of my directories, I then did ls / and could see the “repository” directory. (As well the other directories I am more familiar with) I changed to that directory and can see the rpm file. However when using the rpm -il command I get “Already Installed” so I did rpm -U and got “Not Intalled” (ZMD was not running BTW) Finally a rpm -il and the --force option worked.

If any experienced folks want to comment on beter methodologies for such a problem, I wolud welcome the advice.

Thank you.

I normally use YaST > Software > Software Management to (de)install software. When you deinstall something (why would you do that?) make a note of the packages you delete. You can then revert by simply installing those packages again.

In other words, the methodology you ask for is: Work neatly and make documentation. Never panic.

Further to hcvv’s comments, you do realise that YaST can run via the cli ? It’s the ncurses version & you navigate via the keyboard instead of a mouse :wink:


Right Andy, I should have mentioned that. Just do

boven:~ # yast