Help Please DPT PM3334UW RAID Linux Driver - Does It Exist?

I am hoping there is somebody out there who might recall DPT hardware and be able to help me get it to work under Linux.
DPT were bought up by Adaptec but made great SCSI cards. The PM3334UW is a true hardware raid device which I have been using in SOHO environment for the last 7 years or so with IBM Warp 4.52 (MCP2). The box, although legacy hardware is sound and I wish to keep it running but hoped to have an openSUSE option. Unfortunately I cannot find a driver for the SCSI RAID card.

There are a good deal of posts concerning eata_dma.c and other eata based drivers as possibles but when I load the eata driver that is available when loading openSUSE 11.3 I am asked for parameters and I haven’t a clue what these should be.

Can anybody help please?
Can anybody suggest a list where help might be available if not here?

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In the interim, running modinfo on eata shows;

parm:           eata: equivalent to the "eata=..." kernel boot option.
Example: modprobe eata "eata=0x7410,0x230,lc:y,tm:0,mq:4,ep:n" (string)

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Hi Malcolm,
Sorry I posted in wrong forum and many thanks for the reply.
Not sure I understand it yet as I have no idea what the parameter abbreviations are or how I find the values.
The RAID card in question is however running under another operating system (OS/2) and the setup program/configuration runs OK so I might be able to find the values once I know what to look for.
If you have time further guidance would be much appreciated.
Many thanks again,

Hi Malcolm,
Further research has turned up several articles and two make specific reference to the PM3334 card needing the eata_dma.o module. There is a statement however:- “No module parameters. Autoprobe works in all configurations.”
So why did it not work when I tried to install openSUSE 11.3? Does this mean that a kernel hack is required?