Help Optimum Boost users

Well first think first
I got Suse 11 and installed webmin,apache,mysql and couple other thinks.I am using Optimum Online Boost service and i am from NY
My question is.
I have web site which i would like to post on my own server.I have P44ht 2.4 with 512mb ram and 250gbs hda dedicated just for server+i will be adding new 750gb hda to be better,i also have wrt54g with dd-wrt installed on it ,with OOB service i got open ports 80 and 25 ,spoke to costumer service people and they say that i dont have static ip , but for last 3 months my ip didnt change,and in plan they gave me Static ip.I wanna run Web server and database for my other Pcs.
What should i do to make server? Is there how to or something to help me to set up server on Optimum Online boost?
Plz help
thank you in advance