Help!!OpenSuSe 11.2 on Fake Raid 0 can't load boot

My English is not very well. I wish you will understand my word.

I installed OpenSuSe 11.2 x64 on my PC.

It’s not work will:
After installation, the system auto login KDE GUI. but when I reboot(or shutdown and open) my computer. Message on screen meaning:“can’t find bootable partition”.
I tryed repair the bootloader, but it still did’t work.

My PC’s hardware
Mother Board: DFI 790FXB-M3H5(South Bridge: SB750)
Hard Disk: WD 500G*2 Raid 0(via SB750 Chip function)
Oh, I’m sorry, It’s Fakeraid, not hardraid.

When I open my computer Message on screen is:
“Error No operationg system

FAKE RAID will not work. in most cases it requires additional drivers that are NOT available in Linux.

If you want RAID use a dedicated real RAID card or use software RAID.


Is there any thing weird during the installation… :smiley:

to gogalthorp:

no, everything seems OK.

Before that I have installed Fedora 12 x64 on this PC.
It work well.

Did you put /boot on a non RAIDed partition?

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NO, I have no redundant HD.

Fedora 12’s grub can work well, why OpenSuSe’s can’t?
Can I replace grub with the Fedora 12’s?
I’m a Linux beginner? I don’t know how to do this.
Please help me, think you very much!!

Thank everyone for your attention!

I still need help on this problem, please help.

You can not use it with FAKE RAID sorry. Maybe there may be a driver somewhere for you particular chip set but few seem to be provided for Linux. If you want RAID you have 2 choices

  1. use a real hardware RAID card
  2. use Software RAID.


It’s a shock!
Seems I have to give up.
Thinks everybody…