Help, openSUSE 11.1 VirtualBox 2.2.4 don't have DirectX9.0c

Don’t have support within VirtualBox 2.2.4 for DirectX9.0c and Shader Model 3.0? Anyone knows how to resolve this? I am trying to run a 3D rendering software and this feature cannot switch to 3D?

I fairly sure this not possible in Virtual Box. But I might be wrong.

No DirectX support there.

DirectX support is still in the planning for VBox. Some 3D support is there, but no DirectX 9.

There seems to be something going on using WineD3D, maybe do a search for that.

virtualbox 3 Beta 1 has experimental Direct X9 support

download link:
Index of /virtualbox/3.0.0_BETA1/

see here for the details
VirtualBox 3.0 Beta 1 released (View topic) •