Help on S2RAM

I didnt quite understand the guide on S2RAM.

For example, when doing this:

linux-a7dy:/home/gabriel # s2ram -f -a3
switching from vt7 to vt1... succeeded
fbcon fb0 state 1
s2ram_do: No such device
fbcon fb0 state 0
switching back to vt7... succeeded

Does that mean it worked? I ran it both from the minimun enviroment and from KDE and got the same things on text, but no actual suspend of the system!


Oh and i tried every possible S2ram possibility (-m -p -s -a123, etc).

Not one of them worked, since the computer never suspended.

Hmmm weird, but suspend got back to life after i did “zypper dup” from 11.3 to 11.4 :smiley:

I also feel the system much faster than before.