Help on installing OpenSuSe on Table PC

I installed OpenSuSe on my desktop and really thrilled about the performance. I started with live CD and downloaded OpenSuSe 64. Very happy :-).

I have one more tablet PC. A Gateway M1200. I tried to install from Live CD to-day. During display after loading all devices, it hangs at Menu display. Tablet PC edition running on the system is overloaded with updates and waiting for boot up. I would love to install OpenSuSe on that.
Wacom tablet enabled, but it is not working from 2 years. No problem if Bluetooth also does not work. This is my Internet dedicated 24 Hrs on system.

866 MHz Intel CPU.
512 MB RAM,
Broadcam wireless
1024x768 70 htz.
40 GB HDD,
Realtech RTL8139/810 Ethernet

Thanks for any advice.

Omitted information about the root cause of the problem.
Display adopter is: Intel 82830M