Help no Internet connection

I have resently installed Open SUSE.
But i cant use my wireless conection?
I can find my network in this program Ya… whatewer the name whas, and i put in my password for the network but nothing happens? No error messeges or nothing.

Sorry for my bad english hop you can manage anyway.

Please hold off on any replies until I move this to the Wireless forum.

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This message thread is now open for help.

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at the top of the wireless forum are three “sticky” threads…in those
you will find the way to get your wireless working…

but, if you still have trouble one or more of those will also tell you
what information to provide if you need help…


In Yast, Network Devices, Network settings, choose the Networkmanager to handle networking. No need to set other things. That will give you a networkmanager applet in the systemtray, and you will be able to make a networkconnection through it.

If you do need to start the networking at boot, make sure you enter the gateway address, i.e. the internal LAN IP of your router.