HELP - No audio from TV Card

I’m in a real mess I have been reading loads of forums and wikis for a week now, trying to work out how to configure mythtv and ALSA to pick up the audio output from my hauppauge HVR 1300. I am using it to watch the RF output from a sky box, so there is only one channel which I have managed to tune ok.

I can listen to other sources of audio such as dvd mp3 etc…

and I have run speaker test pointing at ALSA:default and I get audio, but when I point mythtv at ALSA:default I get glorious silence which for once is not what I want.

I have read some comments about having to redirect the audio output with sox but have not really understood how, and there are other comments about connecting a cable between the tv card and the aux in of the sound card but have not hmanaged to find a way of doing that either.

If there is someone who have used this card and configured the analog audio I would love to know how you did it.



Haven’t seen mythtv mentioned much here. You might be better off in the mythtv forums, I’ve seen more issues like this there.

Edit: How did you install mythtv ?

Thanks, I’ll try mythtv forums.

I installed via YaST

All looked good execpt the audio side which is really frustrating