help - new install - hdds not accessible

what in the heck is going on??!?!

i had issues installing over windows xp, so i deleted everything and started over.

i got two empty 250Gig drives… but they are inaccessible!!!

if i could upload a screenshot i would?!?!

i don’t understand… brand new install, clean drives… and this is the error…

An error ocurred while accessing ‘volume (ext3)’, the responded: <–(action, result)


no help???

i feel like i am in a win-blows forum?!?!

To be fair, you only posted that a couple of hours ago. The specialists only come through every so often, so you may need a little patience.

I don’t fully understand you though; inaccessible to what? Is that a grub error? Does it print that as soon as you boot? Have you tried mounting the drives on a Live CD (people often use knoppix for a recovery system)?

Make sure in the installer, that you check the partitioner. You have to remove any partitions first. Then enter the new partitions.

And I’d like to be a bit stronger: this is no way to address people in this forum. You’re not the only poster and i must say the remark almost made me ignore the thread.

well @knurpht… you can ignore if you want… i have dropped in here from time to time and seen multiple posts to different threads… it was just disconcerting that mine was left alone for a while… and i deleted every partition and started from scratch!!! i let suse choose the new configuration after restarting from a blank hdd.

as for CONFUSELING’s question… that’s just it, i can’t access them!!! that error is what i get on every partition in the dolphin screen except the top ones (home/trash/root/etc)… and why the heck would there be 7 or 8 EXT3 drives popping up???

… i got tired of dealing with it all and formatted them and reinstalled an x64 version of windows xp… works great, openSUSE bit my crank and had to go.

Fair enough. Have better luck with Windows.