Help needed with wireless connections

I am running KDE Plasma 5 on Leap 42.3 and 42.1 (cant update that until Intel gfx bug finally fixed). I have an issue in my house with wireless signals dropping off in some areas. Now I have a spare router which I can use to provide additional wireless coverage but it will have a different ID. So what I need to do is find some way to get Network Manager to select the strongest signal of those it knows about (ie has password for) and connect to that signal rather than the last one it used, also to switch connections if it finds a stronger one when the laptop moves around the house. I also need this to happen with no user intervention apart from any initial setup.

Is this possible and if so how?


Actually NM performs roaming by default. The important thing is to set up your access points with different channels to minimise interference and employ the same SSID for each, with NM roaming automatically to pick the strongest signal.