Help needed to install moto4lin

I’m trying to install moto4lin under opensuse 11.1 64bit but it complains about libusb, it needs v >=0.1.8.

I used the one-click from the opensuse page, and tried several versions. Then tried to manually install it but all hell broke loose with missing stuff!

Any help really appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Are you doing manual install or from

Thanks for the reply caf.

Sorry, I was in a bit of a rush this morning, hence the rather scant amount of information I gave!

I tried to install it by using several one-clicks that I found at

Then I simply downloaded the .rpm file (from several of those links) and tried to install it manually.

Still the same errors.

I tried each of those one-clicks on the page you gave me, and still get the error about libusb.

I have included the following screenshots (hopefully!) that show what’s going on…](](
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After I get the first error message, I can only select “do not install”, and then click on OK. Then the next box pops up asking to install those kernel modules. I cancel at that stage because I don’t really know what those modules will do, and am a bit worried about messing with wireless modules as my wireless works really well as it is.

I also searched in Yast2 for any packages with libusb in them, and tis is what I got…

S | Name | Summary | Type
i | libusb-0_1-4 | USB Libraries | package
i | libusb-0_1-4-32bit | USB Libraries | package
| libusb-0_1-5 | libusb-1.0 Compatibility Library for libusb-0.1 | package
i | libusb-1_0-0 | USB Library | package
| libusb-1_0-0-32bit | USB Library | package
| libusb-1_0-devel | USB Library | package
| libusb-compat-devel | libusb-1.0 Compatibility Layer for libusb-0.1 | package
| libusb-devel | USB Libraries | package
| libusbpp-0_1-4 | USB Libraries | package
| libusbprog0 | Programmer for the USBprog hardware | package

Not too sure where to go from here though.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you check here for info - Otherwise I’m not sure.
Main Page - Moto4Lin

Solved lol!

I simply installed in this order from the command line:

sudo su
rpm -i libp2kmoto0-0.1.svn20071112-11.4.x86_64.rpm
rpm -i p2kmoto-0.1.svn20071112-11.4.x86_64.rpm
rpm -i --nodeps moto4lin-0.3.svn20070127-18.1.un.x86_64.rpm

That cured it :wink: