Help needed to debug ACPI critical shutdown

I have recently built a SuSE 11 based system, Abit A-S78H mobo, 4850e CPU etc. In short I run 24/7, sometimes I get a critical shutdown 3 times a day, sometimes I run for days with no problem. The extract from /var/log/messages is

Oct  1 20:43:50 dukla kernel: ACPI: Critical trip point
Oct  1 20:43:50 dukla kernel: Critical temperature reached (122 C), shutting down.
Oct  1 20:43:50 dukla kernel: ACPI: Unable to turn cooling device [ffff81011fa88ed0] 'on'
Oct  1 20:43:50 dukla powersaved[3671]: WARNING (checkTemperatureStateChanges:217) Temperature state changed to critical.
Oct  1 20:43:50 dukla shutdown[12356]: shutting down for system halt

The question - how can I find out which sensor is reaching the critical temp, and how can I ignore it? I know my machine has no components near 100C - CPU is running in 30s, hdds are in 20s etc (I am a case & cooling fetishist!)

I had the same problem on suse 10.2, when the thermal module was loaded together with the lm_sensors module, like i2c_i801 . It caused a mess because there was no mutual exclusion lock on the access to the hardware info. Therefore the thermal module had some inconsistent info like 127°C temperature for the cpu . Such huge temperature causes an immediate system shutdown, which is a safe reaction.
The only way to avoid such unexpected shutdown was to force unload of the thermal module. But it is also unsure because system will then not be able to shutdown if there a real temperature burst…