Help Needed to Complete Training Docs

I’m working with a partner who is looking for a SUSE expert to help complete some documentation for a SUSE training course with a short turn-around. Does anyone on here know someone who might be interested in this kind of short-term project?

Part of the document has already been written, so they just need someone to finish the work.

Apologies, this opportunity collapsed under the weight of its ambition.

It sounds interesting on me, I myself will volunteer just give me the exact details on what really you are trying to be done.

Looking towards :wink:

Carol Ayers
Air Ambulance Texas & Medical Transportation Texas, Maintenance Director
Rockford, Illinois

Thanks for responding, Carol. Unfortunately, that project had to be scuttled. They just decided there wasn’t enough time to get accomplished what they wanted to. Would you mind if I kept your information in case a project comes up in the future?

My apologies!

  • Drew

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