Help needed on Gnome

Is it possible to have the Gnome menu not display recent documents?
I really would like to remove those from the menu!

You can delete them by deleting the .recently-used.xbel file from your home folder. New items will appear though as you access things.

Are you using the default opensuse menu or the standard gnome menu? You could probably use the alacarte menu editor to delete the recent documents from showing up at all in the menu if you are using the standard gnome menu. I’m not sure how this would be done using the default though.

It can be done by using the gconf-editor;

If you run the gconf-editor and browse to desktop->applications->main
menu->lock-down. There is a setting called “showable file types” with a
default setting of [0,1,2,3,4,5], double click on it and delete the
entry 3 press ok and exit.

It explains what each number refers to.

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Thanks Guys

Malcom that did the trick :slight_smile: