Help Needed Adding OpenSuse11 PPC to Sys

Machine: Mac G4 Digital Audio PPC, 1G Ram, 5HD’s(IDE), DV-115 DVD/CDR-W

Installed on drives and partitions:

/dev/hda MacOS
/dev/hdb openSuse11
/dev/hdd Debian Etch
/dev/hdg Ubuntu Hardy
/dev/hdi2 New World boot
/dev/hdi3 Ubuntu Hardy /
/dev/hdi4 swap
/dev/hdi5 Debian Etch /
/dev/hdi6 Free ext3 35G
/dev/hdi7 Free ext3 35G

Goal: Put opensuse11 PPC / on /dev/hdi6 and /home on /dev/hdi7 using /dev/hdi4 as swap
and have it boot on the i drive like Ubuntu and Debian do now.

I’ve had no problems putting Ubuntu and Debian on the i drive, adding them to
yaboot.conf, changing their fstab’s so that they mount the right stuff, etc and
they boot fine and so do all the other drives using the yaboot menu configured on
/dev/hdi2. When I do the same operations on opensuse11 using the existing opensuse on
drive b as the source, yaboot launch results are “unknown or corrupted file system”. I’ve
tried every way to sundown to copy the partitions from the working suse to the i drive
with the same results. OpenSuse documentation is usually clear and easy to follow,
but on booting in PPC and using yaboot it falls short on me. From what I’ve read,
opensuse has some wizardry involving yaboot and lilo versus the normal ybin/yaboot
straight forward method employed by other distros. If the answer to this is that I
have to poof my existing i drive configuration and redo everything, then just let me know and I’ll just stop trying to beat this dead horse.

Opensuse also has a really nice installer and I was excited when I saw that it would
allow me to do a custom install, but when I tried it out and carefully selected all
the options, the result the installer presented me was one with all partitions
on my entire system getting poofed and OpenSuse11 as the only OS. I like OpenSuse,
but not THAT much. Any suggestions, instructions, etc here? This could be an option
for putting it into the two free partitions. Please walk me through this as I think I may have a mental block that de-Q’s my brain when it comes to using European gui’s. :slight_smile:

Does the lack of any reply to this post mean it can’t be done? If someone thinks that I haven’t RTFM, think again. I’m not carefully composing all that detail because I’m lazy.