help - my multiple desktops have vanished!

using KDE 4.x on the latest version of suse…and for some reason my multiple desktop buttons have just disappeared. any ideas how to get them back?

thanks :smiley:

I’m using gnome…but try right click on panel ulock widgets and then add widget. then find desktop switcher or something like that

hi, i’ve just had a look in the widgets and can’t find one there. interestingly, if i right click on a window i can click on to desktop 1, 2, 3 or 4 but if i do that, the window is still on the desktop, so i open it and minimize it again, and the wallpaper is changed to the wallpaper i had for that specific desktop.

any other ideas?

it’s really odd!

thanks :smiley:

You want the pager widget.

aha, i think it was the “pager” widgit. they are back!!

thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

very helpful, and very fast!