HELP ! Multiboot XP/Ubuntu/OpenSUSE/Fedora

i had installed xp ubuntu and opensuse 11 and work fine. today i install fedora 9 i can’t see opensuse on bootloader ,

help me plzz to boot from opensuse.

Boot into openSUSE using the install DVD and then re-init Grub being sure to config it to “sugget a new configuration” and also ensure to set it to place the code in the MBR, not some other partition. Check teh detains here in the paragraphs/sections titled : HowTo Repair Your Grub Multiboot


It shouldn’t be matter. Looks like OpenSuse’ 11 grub
has to be placed in MBR to get things working ?

I am not quite correct. If occasionally F9’ grub replaced OpenSuse’ one in MBR. Would it be possible to
load rescue system and put OpenSuse’ 11 grub into it’s
root partition accordantly make changes to F9’
/boot/grub/menu/lst ?

That partially works – except it won’t include Fedora.

It won’t also include RHEL 5.X (CentOS 5.X).
My question is for what Linux Distro it would work ?

You can boot to Suse’s “rescue system” and login as root and issue these commands to make Fedora (or Redhat) the distro that Grub points to when Grub code activates in the MBR on booting:


grub > root (hd0,x) -------where x represents Fedora
grub > setup (hd0)
grub > quit


Then you will see on the screen the list of entries that are in the file menu.lst on Fedora in partition (hd0,x). Provided you edit menu.lst in Fedora to include an entry pointing to openSUSE 11, then you can get to openSUSE via Fedora’s bootloader – but I can’t see the point or a compelling reason to do that.

Better to reinitialise Grub in Yast → bootloader and that will include Fedora into te Suse boot – simpler IMHO.

Solution for Solaris (Solaris grub must be in MBR) is to add to /boot/grub/memu.lst:-
title OpenSuse 11
rootnoverify (hd0,9)
chainloader +1

Solution for CentOS 5.1 is just the same - add to /boot/grub/grub.conf:-

title OpenSuse 11
rootnoverify (hd0,9)
chainloader +1

OpenSuse 11 had been installed after CentOS 5.1 .OpenSuse’s 11 grub had been placed into /dev/sda10

Thankyou :slight_smile:
– for readers, your key point is:

OpenSuse 11 had been installed after CentOS 5.1 .OpenSuse’s 11 grub had been placed into /dev/sda10
. Similarly for CentOS, I assume.