help me

i dont have networkmanager.
what can i do?

antiantiwindows wrote:
> i dont have networkmanager.
> what can i do?

well, why don’t you have a networkmanager?
that is, did you uninstall it? or was it never there?

or, another way to say that is: networkmanager is part of the default
install…so, if you didn’t uninstall network manager, you must have
a bad install…

did you do this before the install attempt?

if your disk passed that test, did you have any errors during the


Do you need a network manager? Don’t you have a network connection?
(E.g. I do not have a network manager and I do not need one.)

BTW, it is much better to use a thread title that attracts people with the knowledg you need to your thread. “help me” is not very informative in telling what your problem is about. Almost all people starting a thread here need help.