Help me to buy a correct wireless card

I have a Dell D630 laptop with intel 3945abg card. this card does not support master mode.
I need to bud a card PCI card for my PC that support the master card.
in: Comparison of open source wireless drivers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I found some cards, do they really support master mode? which of them is better? which of them eorks in suse 11.1 with out problem?

You can check the HCL: Hardware - openSUSE

I’d reccomend having a look here Welcome - Linux Wireless as these guys are doing a sterling job on drivers for *nix & they will be able to advise as well


sounds a great idea deltaflyer: you are one of the wireless experts: anyone looking for advice is likely to be very new:

with your expert knowledge, could you help them by pointing out a bit of the site that gives specific advice on which wireless cards are most likely to work?

Good suggestion, there are 3 sections to check
pci :- PCI - Linux Wireless
usb :- USB - Linux Wireless
pcmcia :- PCMCIA - Linux Wireless