Help me solve the mystery of the old Chromium icons in the panel

For some reason, when I add the Chromium/Chrome icons to my panel, I always get the old icons. If I add the icon to the desktop, I get the new flat one but I can’t get the new one’s to appear in the panel.

All of the other icons associated with these browsers are the new ones:

Icon in the upper left when the browser is open is new

When I hover the cursor over the old icon in the panel, the pop up window shows the new icon

The entry in the kickoff menu shows the new icon

The icon in the task manager is the new one

I’ve deleted all of the old icons from /usr/share/icons but somehow it is still appearing in the panel. I also deleted the plasmarc files from ~/.kde4/share/config but this didn’t change anything.

Any ideas how I can get the new flat icons to appear in my panel?

Remove the icon from the panel, readd it. For the menus you could use kmenuedit, make the entries point to the new icons.

I’ve already tried all of that several times and nothing has worked. Can you add the new icons to your panel?

Edit: Plus, kmenuedit already shows the new icons.

I figured it out.

I went back and checked /usr/share/icons/oxygen and discovered the old icons for Chromium were there after I had previously deleted them. I used /etc/sysconfig/edit to set cron to delete the tmp files at boot. After I rebooted, I added Chromium to the panel and the new icon appeared.

I still have the old icon for Google-Chrome in the kickoff menu, but the one in the panel is the new one.

Is there a SOLVED option on this forum for problems that have solutions?