help me run dune 2000 with wine

in wine-appDB website somebody has gor dune 2000 runnig with wine

but i can’t even install it

the problem ( ithink ) it cd image (an iso one) that the game installer (though run from mounted cd image ) cant find cd .
and when i run the installed-in-windows version it says that i just can play network game because its an spawn game and for full functionality i should put cd in and run again …how do i do that??

i have run winecfg and added the mounted cd folder as a cd drive but to no avail :frowning:

any help is appreciated.

Dune 2000, now that was a fun game! Might be having a go at this too… :wink:

A reply in the Wine AppDB states ( Wine AppDB - Dune 2000 1.0x );

Try to set the drive type of the drive with the ISO image to ‘CD-ROM’

You can do this by running winecfg, going to drives and set the mount type to CD-Rom.

Another reply states it stopped working after WINE 9.36.xx, but the ‘Silver’ rating if for the WINE 1.0 revision… so it should be able to work.
Might be good to logout and back in or stop any wine processes after setting the type in winecfg.

Wishing you luck,

i found the answer (very silly)

in user mode i couldn’t make setup.exe access wine virtual cd drive ,no matter what i did

but just type su and then do all that config in root mode and everything works perfectly so its a wine bug :slight_smile:

Nice find!

Might be an idea to post this or open a bug over at WINE HQ?


i did post a reply in wine db Wine AppDB - Dune 2000 1.0x

though there is another VERY annoying bug that i found is very common on fullscreen mode in wine.Keyboard focus to terminal, not the program
though there it suposedly a patch to resolve this I don’t have the experience working with patch in source codes just source codes ( i mean ./configure && make && make install chain :slight_smile: )

when you start the game in fullscreen ,depending on witch application(desktop or wine game) has the focus it can get messed up and you cant do anything about it .if the game has the focus ,then everything is alright .but if desktop has focus ,it like everything works but not video.

I mean that the sound of demo video is playing and if you press esc key it stops the movie sound and probably goes to game menu , but there is no video just a black screen that even breaking the session wont fix it ,and you just can break the session then press alt-ctrl-del to restart. the funny part is even if you switch with ctrl-alt-F1 or another Fkey ,still therer is no video. :slight_smile: