Help me please :-(


I downloaded OpenSuse 11 because I am SICK AND TIRED OF MICRO-CRAP! I am new to Linux based O.S. because I was brain washed for so long to think Micro-crap was the way to go.

I am having some trouble (listed below) and would appreciate it if some Linux pros could help me out;

  1. I can not get my old CANON Pixma MP 110 to print
  2. I can not download linux programs from softpedia
  3. My wife has an old 2002 Pocket PC and I have a Windows Moblie 2006. Is there a way to sync these PDAs to Linux?

PLEASE! PLEASE! Post, because I do not want to go back to Micro-crap :open_mouth:

Thank you

1 ) for your canon look here OpenPrinting database - Printer: Canon PIXMA MP110
2 ) As for softpedia, it looks like you download the tarfile,extract & compile. Not a new-user friendly way. have a look for the software in YaST - software manager or with webpin Webpin
3 ) have you tried the syncing tools that come with openSUSE ? e.g. kitchen-sync, palm-pilot,syn-ce
Just a few suggestions


You’re up early!