Help Me install Opensuse 13.2

Hi, i’am actually having some issue, concerning the Installing of Opensuse on my Laptop ,

Here the the Point i had downloaded : openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64 Here :

I got : Acer Aspire V5-561G LAPTOP
I don’t got a dvd right now so I was trying to boot that Up via USB , using a Program call
Universal USB Installer - Easy as 1 2 3 which i had downloaded Here =

When i boot Up , i had setup my Boot mode on : UEFI

Check this out when i boot Up :

It keep blocking on Loading basic drivers …
This is when i press esc i can see that , else on the other screen i got 3 Green dot in the center and nothing Happen :frowning: anyone would help me out please .

DO NOT USE ANY special program to prepare openSUSE to boot from USB. It is not need and will mess things up. You simply want a binary copy to the device (note not a partition on the device.)

Instruction here

Note if you are working from a Linux you can simply use dd or cp too copy the iso to the USB

cp isoname.iso /dev/sdX

where sdX is the device to copy to. Note take care since if you choice the wrong device you can totally mess up a drive. If you don’t know the device designation then best to use one of the GUI progrms in the tutorial

You can use ubuntu live cd or similar
rigth click ton open with disk image writer
chose to restore image to the usb, when it done, you have the bootable usb, not needed DVD.

Why would you use ubuntu??? openSUSE has a live image as well.

It’s better to install from a DVD image …