Help me get back to KDE

I couldn’t rescue my 11.3 m3, KDE4.4 test box. I thought the spontaneous reboot happened because nepomuk started up and used what little memory that old pc has.

So, I installed SOAD. I swear it took longer than a regular opensuse install. The Enlightenment desktop was interesting, but after playing a little bit, I decided I can’t work with it. I want to get KDE back. I also tried another minimal install of KDE from suse studio. That didn’t work out.

SOAD, like the Live CDs of KDE, balked at my low memory, saying it needed a gig to install. However, SOAD just complained but continued the install. It was long but turned out ok. Though I never tried it, I know you can change the DE.

Can someone please tell me how to do it? My last well-functioning install was 11.2 with KDE 4.3.5. I updated to that level. The last full Live CD that installed for me was 10.2. I don’t want to go back there, but I would like KDE back.

Not trying to sound mean & nasty but what about using an 11.2 install DVD? Then going from there,forget the live CD’s for now.

You also have the 11.2 KDE Live CD with 4.3.1 which will be updated to 4.3.5 after you install or the newer KDE4.4.1 Live CD if you don’t want to do back to milestone 3

IME KDE4 will run on 512MB, the installer won’t in a lot of cases. Do a text based install. That will work around the installer issue, and deliver a KDE4 desktop. Done it a couple of times now, works great.

Prexy, I’m almost certain I explained to you in a previous post as to how one can do a text install.

I don’t know what’s going on. I never found any of these answers using my normal search for new posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no DVD drive.
The Live CD install fails, and for some reason, the net install does too. That always worked for me in the past. Maybe there is an issue with dhcp early in the install?

I could try a text install, but I already have SOAD and Enlightenment running. I thought there was a way to switch the DE (like going from gnome to kde) without a re-install. Actually, I thought there might be a way to give me a choice of desktops via grub or something. If not, I’ll try the text install.

Oh! I bought a 4GB flash drive thinking I might try to make a usb install or “live usb” but never got around to it. So, that is another option. I never tried this stuff in windows.

If one is trying to change the DE after having installed , and assuming one’s hard drive has sufficient space (which should be true for most people in today’s environment) one just needs to choose in YaST the appropriate pattern. I think, for example, if one has Enlightenment (with SOAD installed) as their desktop and one then wants to add the very heavy KDE4, one just needs to select the patterns “KDE4 Desktop Environment” and “KDE4 Base System” and then standby for a truly MASSIVE download.

wrt installing in text mode, when one boots the liveCD, at the first grub/splash menu of the liveCD, one presses “F3” and choose text, and then boot the liveCD. This will take one to a text mode. Login as user “linux” (no quotes and <enter> as password) and type ‘su’ (no quotes and <enter> as password) and type “yast” (no quotes) and using the tab, space, and arrow keys as appropriate navigate to miscellaneous and select installation. This is true for all openSUSE Installation live CDs whether it be a KDE4 CD, Gnome CD, LXDE CD or SOAD liveCD.

Used the pattern method to install KDE. I am now at 11.2 with KDE 4.3.5. Good Grief! they put a lot of repos in that Enlightenment DE. Once KDE was running, I trimmed that down.

Odd that the Enlightenment screen is still my log on. But it lets me select KDE. Think I’ll leave this alone until I buy some more memory.

Thanks for the tips.