help me disable my pass root

I type in the console
Sudo passwd -d root
After type password now not accept my root password.
How to enable root password.
I not change root password
Only type (sudo passwd -d root) now not accept root password
Please help
#sorry for my bad English

The command that you used deleted the root password. So that should have changed the password to the empty string.

So when you are next prompted for the root password, just hit ENTER without typing anything.

And I suggest that you immediately change the root password back to something that isn’t so easily guessed.

Type sudo -i enter.
Roots password:enter
error sorry, try again
And enter password. But not accept

Can I repair password with point snapper?

Maybe, but I don’t really know since I don’t use btrfs.

In any case, you can repair by booting a live CD or by booting your install media in rescue mode.

To do that, mount the root partition as “/mnt”.
Use the command: “chroot /mnt”
And from there, run the “passwd” command to set a root password.

Thanks bro
Can I use live ubuntu cd? Or must use live opensuse?

Or press ‘e’ at the boot menu, and append “init=/bin/sh” (without the quotes) to the line starting with “linux” or “linuxefi”.
You will get into a simple text mode system then, and should be able to do all the changes as mentioned, i.e type “passwd” and change it to whatever you want.

Append last line and press f10 but not start text mod
My system is uefi

Should not matter on difference for this purpose it the line you need to modify start linuefi not linux also that is a long line and wraps so go to the true end of the line and enter a space and init=/bin/sh the press F10 to continue boot

Add and start then go to konsole type passwd
And chand password. But not change root ppassword only chang login password

You did it as your self.

So what to do?
Give a little more explanation

thanks to all
Here is at 2 am
Good night

Well, maybe you should explain a bit more what you did exactly.

If you followed my advice, you should have changed the root password, not the user’s password…

So, again, I hope I am expressing myself clear now:
Press the ‘e’ on your keyboard when you see the boot menu that allows you to choose between openSUSE and other OS’s you might have installed.
Then look for the line that starts with “linuxefi” and append a ‘init=/bin/sh’ to it. Then press the ‘F10’ key to boot.
You should end up in text mode now.
Then run “passwd” to change the (root) password.

If that doesn’t work, please feel free to tell us.
We have to think of something else then…

I find line “linuxefi”
Linuxefi /boot/vmlinuz-4.1.12-1-default root=UUID=my uuid ro ${extra_cmdlin\e} resume=/dev/sda11 splash=silent quiet showoots

echo ‘loading initial ramdidk . . .’

Initrdefi /boot/ initrd ~ default

Where is type?

Hi wolf323
I can go to txt mod and after enter password. But error
Passwd:Authentication token lock busy
Passwd:password unchanged

I restored with point snapshot(grub snapshots), now work and accept user and root password. but how to save this point snapshot for default?
I want reboot and start computer with selected snap point
when reboot computer not start previous snap point.

I want restore snapshot but system is read-only
Not change. System

You can use snapper or YaST->Snapper to (permanently) revert to a previous snapshot.

But first try this:

  • Add “rd.break” to the kernel command line (like before)
  • Run this to mount your root partition read-write and switch to it:
mount /sysroot -o rw,remount
chroot /sysroot

Then try to change the password again with “passwd”.

I use
Mount /sysrooy -o rw,remount but
Mount :can’t find /sysroot in /etc/fstab