HELP Lost all control. Machine is frozen with no video

Any suggestions on how to regain some type of display. I was trying to get a printer online. The printer was recognized but would not print. I went away from the machine for a few hours and when I came back I had a blank screen. I turned the machine off but nothing comes back up. All key strokes fail to give me anything.

Tell us what version of openSUSE

Have you tried Failsafe boot option?

Does the CMOS screen display when you turn the computer on? Can you hear the fan inside the box?

I get nothing on the screen at all when I turn it on. The machine has power. The fan runs. The only thing that I have ever seen on the screen is the message: “KB/Interface Error Press<ESC> to Resume” The ESC key did nothing I have Suse 11.? Installed it about 6 months ago. It is on an old ibm aptiva slow as molasses. Any ideas? Thanks

You don’t even see a BIOS splash screen?

Is the KB plugged in? Try another keyboard.

Success. I fiddled with the printer cable connection at the computer and it started booting. Thanks.

You may have a bad solder joint at some connector. Printer cables should have nothing to do with keyboards. Make sure all cables are seated firmly.