Help! Konsole is messed up!

Something very weird is going on with my Konsole. When I’m typing into the console, the further I get to the right, the more the cursor moves away from the text. There is a space between the cursor and the end of the text and after I hit “enter” there’s a space between the cursor and the prompt sign “->”.

What could be causing this?


Is it as if the space character has been changed to a tab or is it just an extra space? Did you check the selected font? ‘Mine is Misc Fixed’, normal, 11 pts.

Could be that a console app might have corrupted your screen buffer.

Try issuing the commands reset and then clear and go back to your app to see if the issue goes away; if they don’t there’s a bug.

Some ncurses apps don’t reset the screen properly upon exiting.

I closed Konsole, opened another and had the same issue. The only thing that ended up fixing it was switching the Theme for KDE to Oxygen. Weird.

Heh that’s odd.

Konsole is very different between 10.3 KDE 3 and the latest version. I still can’t figure out how to backtab! :slight_smile: