help, just installed cant get internet working? why is this so difficult compard to gnome?!?!

hi everyone, opensuse hopeful here! i really like opensuse because it looks cool, heard it has th ebest kde out there, and seems very professional compard to ubuntu and kubuntu and mint.

i have one problem stopping me from using kde, and its in all versions.

i use a pppoe connection, and in gnome i simply right go to edit connections, DSL, make new dsl, enter my information, set to connect automaticcly, go to auto eht0 disable connect automaticcly, boom internet at startup

i cant find out how to make a pppoe connection in opensuse at all in fact…

the DSL in internet manager is greyed out

this should be something very simple to do, how do i go about doing it? kubuntu has the same problem for me

thanks for any replies anmd fast replies, i wanna get going on opensuse, looks promissing!!!

also why does the boot manager say windows1, windows2, windows3, i dont wanna see the system reserved partiton, my storage partion, and i dont wanna guess which one boots windows 7 is tehre anyway to make this like ubuntu?! thanks

Did you go into Yast to set up your connection?

hi gogalthorp, thanks for the fast reply!!!

no i did not, guessi m a opensuse noob lol didnt even think of yast, however im in w7 right becasue it has internet

can you point me in the right direction as to what do do in yast, im someone with no cli or yast expierence thanks!

A warm welcome here.

On the networking, please first answer @gogalthorp’s question.

On the bootmanager: this is not normal behaviour on openSUSE. Please find out which one of the windows# is the right one, then boot openSUSE, start Yast - System - Bootloader, remove the inappropriate entries, edit the name of the right one to “Windows” or “Not openSUSE” ;), done.

Yast is also named Administrator Settings in the menu and is a nice GUI which is pretty obvious what you need to do. There is also a command line version but if you have a GUI up just use the GUI version. Get comfy with it since most machines settings/hardware settings/software installs are done there.

wow thanks for the fast & nice replies thanks guys

and thats awsome that you can edit grub from inside this linux, very cool

ok, ive hit a road block

i found DSL in yast2 and started configuring it

i created the provider, and created my dsl device using the credentials my isp gave me, like i do on gnome

however, when i go and press ok, it says its missing smmmpd or some package (SORRY cant remember, im booting back on forth from w7- suse, will boot back if required the package name)

so basiccly, i need to download a package to use my dsl, but i have no active network connection, so i cant download the package to use the internet…

how do i beat this road block :frowning:

Use a pen and paper to write down the problem. We can not guess what it is saying…

Did you install with CD or from DVD?

smppd should be on the media you installed from.

hmm about to boot back into opensuse, any ideas why it didnt install off the dvd? should i reinstal if packages are corrupt or missing? O.o

BINGO WE HAVE LIFTOFF :slight_smile:

i am posting this from opensuse, i forget what i did, but after a few redial attempts failed it somehow copyed the rpms off the install dvd

however, since this is a fresh install, im not opposed to formatting + reinstalling to avoid problems donw the road

**if the basic internet packages wernt installed, does that mean my install is corrupt or something?!??!?!

should i reinstall so that smmd is installed by default, or is everything ok

if i set my dsl device to boot on startup, will it actually boot on startup or will i have to go into yast and start network services each time?


No just use Yast to install the package from the DVD. Don’t know why the package was not installed by default but things happen…

You do realise that you still had the option of using Gnome, don’t you? I know that if your reason for moving to SuSE was kde this sounds like it may be a backward step, but having another GUI around ‘just in case’ (or, just to play with) often makes sense. And, you had that option under the *buntus, even though their naming convention (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, edubuntu…) obscures the fact slightly.

if the basic internet packages wernt installed, does that mean my install is corrupt or something…since this is a fresh install, im not opposed to formatting + reinstalling

No. There are several ways of connecting to the internet (and yours still confuses me a bit, but that’s not important if you have the problem fixed) but it just means that you grabbed the drivers associated with the wrong one, or none at all, at install time.

Re-installing the whole shooting match is usually the wrong way of solving problems under Linux; usually a single package (and dependencies) or even a single conf file is all that is needed. The problem is often knowing which one…

But it is manageable; as you grow in experience, you will be able to shoot to the right element of a problem first time, more and more often. This is unlike some other operating systems that go to great lengths to keep everything secret. With those, you have little chance.