help installing nvidia gtx 285 drivers

Hey guys,

just made the switch after using ubuntu a bit. I downloaded the latest 64bit nvidia gtx285 linux drivers for my i7 rig off the nvidia site. I am absolutely clueless as how to install the drivers even after using google. Can anyone tell me how to do this using terminal or whatever? I literally just installed Suse!

Alright so here is how to install the nvidia driver manually, in case the one in the repo doesn’t work or u just want to use the latest.

Go to Yast>Software>Software Management

Search for and install if you don’t have these:


Now download the latest Nvidia driver:

Place the file in your /home/username

Now restart and at the boot screen, pause the boot by moving the down button, then move back up and clear any text in the boot arguments by holding backspace. Then just type the number: 3
At the login

Type “root” then enter and then your root password and press enter.

now type
cd /home/username

*Now remember you can use the {TAB} key to auto complete

so type:
and the whole file name should auto complete

eg: sh

Follow the installer and let it compile the kernel module for you.
Say Yes to everything
Use TAB to move around

You might need NVIDIA’s latest beta driver:

and follow Carl’s instructions added with this one to configure the X-server to use the driver:

su -c ‘sax2 -r -m0=nvidia’
where after the -m it reads a zero.
Click Change Configuration, check settings, save and exit. The card might still show up as a Framebuffer Device, but that’s not to worry about.

no need for the beta version 185.18.36 works fine. you should get about 30000 fps from these drivers