Help installing it(completely new to linux)

Hi yall!

I’m currently playing with linux, im completely new so please be nice to me haha.
I’m trying to install it from a USB to my harddrive but when i press install and go through the process and select my NTFS harddrive, it says no repository found, I’m not sure what this means, I’m completely new so can someone help me? rotfl!

How did you prepare the USB?

Note that I normally install with USB. I rarely get that message. I prepare the USB by using a raw copy utility to copy the iso directly to the USB (I do this in linux with “dd_rescue”, but there are raw copy utilities for Windows). Then I boot from the USB into “Installation”.

Will you be overwriting that drive with openSUSE? If not, you should be aware that although linux can mount and use NTFS drives, that is not our native file system. You’ll want to use either the default BTRFS or use one of the main file systems such as ext4. As well, you should know that whatever native FS you decide to use, it will overwrite part of, if not all, of whatever you had on the hard drive.

I used universal USB installer to install opensuse to the usb.

The drive was formatted and everything in windows 7. I will be overwritting this drive with opensuse using the usb installer. Should i change it to ext4? If so, how can I do it properly?

That might be the problem. Try this page:

SDB:Live USB Stick

is there anyway i can create this in a windows enviroment?

There’s a link near the top of that page for details on how to do it in Windows. I suggest the first method mentioned (ImageUSB).

Thank you very much!