Help Installing a Font?

I need help installing a font, it’s Tahoma, you can download it here:
Tahoma Font

Anyway it’s a .ttf file…this can be really easy to install right? I am trying to drag and drop it to the usr/share/fonts/truetype folder but it’s denying me saying I don’t have permission to do that? How do I do that as a root user?

Please help, thanks!

use filemanager-superuser mode, then drag and drop.Don’t forget to run fontconfig after,to make the font available for use


Where is filemanager? I only see Nautilus file browser…

And how do I run in superuser mode?

Try from a console session;;

gnomesu nautilus


sudo cp taho*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/
sudo /usr/sbin/fonts-config

Note the above copy command assumes your in the directory where the two
font files are.

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Not sure about 11.1 but in 11.0 simply go to YaST Software Manager and search for fetchmsttfonts and install (the update repo should be enabled). Since you mention Nautilus you must be running Gnome. Not sure about its control center but if it is like Kde simply go to Personal Settings>System Administration>Font installer and you can install fonts to the User or by using the Admin Mode button you can install system wide.

Where is filemanager? I only see Nautilus file browser…
Run this command in gnome-terminal:

gnmomesu nautilus

EDIT: just noticed – Malcolm already told you that