Help installin Clamv on suse 10.3

Hi all,
i need help installing clamv antivirus on my suse 10.3 mail server and also some ideas on how to combat spam on the server, im having trouble with the spam and recently we got blacklisted, i set up a new server but i really want to make it secure before putting it online.
im running Postfix, dovecot and squirrelmail on an HP Proliant ML370G5 with 2gb of ram and 372GB HDD
Thank you.

are you installing it via rpm or compiling it ? if compiling,try installing kernell sources,make,gcc/gcc++ & see if that helps. Or try installing the rpm instead. BTW,a bit more info on the problem might help,e.g.what errors appear,what you have tried so far,what you installed etc


thanks for the swift response, i havent tried installing it before, and i’ve never configured it either.
i just carried out an rpm query and it shows that clamab -0.94.1-2.1 is installed, challenge is i dont know how to configure in and get it running. and thats where im stuck.

I also just tried starting the clamav-milter service and it give me an error

 mail1:~ # /etc/init.d/clamav-milter start
Starting clamav-milter startproc:  exit status of parent of /usr/sbin/clamav-milter: 78                                                                  failed