HELP: install openSUSE11 on vista with LiveCD iso

hello, i’m new here. and i got some problems when i try to install the suse on my pc

i have a 80GB disk,which has been parted in 30GB NTFS with vista; 13GB HF+ with Mac OS X; and 14GB NTFS ready for SUSE; the rest is NTFS with the openSUSE11-LiveCD.iso in it.

the problem is i don’t know how to install SUSE with the iso image.

can someone give me some advice? i’ll appreciate that a lot.:smiley:

Please burn this iso image into CD and then follow here Installation/11.0 Live CD - openSUSE to install.
You can also install opensuse11 from the internet, please refer to INSTALL Internet - openSUSE.

Bryan Yu
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If you already have Vista and OS X (impressive!) installed, then you have some type of dual-boot setup. Before installing openSUSE, you’ll want to decide how you want to manage the booting of the three OS’s. OpenSUSE will by default offer to take control of the booting, installing its “grub” boot loader to your computer’s MBR (Master Boot Record). But with Vista and OS X, that may not be best.

Here is one alternative, which assumes you are using Vista to control the booting: You can install grub to the openSUSE “boot partition” instead. When you are at the boot loader installation section, enter the dialog and find the “boot loader installation” tab. There check the “boot partition” box, and click OK. When you are returned to the summary, make sure that is what it says. The Live CD is going to need to reboot to complete the installation, but that is not going to work yet. You need to tell Vista to boot openSUSE. You can do this with a very good Vista utility called EasyBCD, a free download. The EasyBCD web page has instructions on how to set up Linux to boot. Once you’ve done this, reboot and the Vista boot menu will give you a choice to boot openSUSE.

Just fwiw . . .