HELP I'm having problems with YaST (YaSt got signal 11 at.._

I’m kind of new to opensuse, I’ve been having problems with YaST Here is a link to a screen pic of what happens any time I try to Update or install ANY program I’m sure its just a simple problem
thanks for any help you can give me

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> I’m kind of new to opensuse


has YaST been this way from the very beginning…that is, did YaST
ever download and install updates or new applications?

if not, when did this problem begin? (today, two weeks ago, after an
update, etc)

how are you connecting to the internet? (wireless, wired to adsl via
ethernet, etc)

which OS version (openSUSE 10.3, 11.0, etc or SUSE Linux Enterprise
Desktop 11?) and, what desktop environment are you using? (KDE3, KDE4
or Gnome, etc)…

did you install the OS, or did it come with the machine…what kind
of machine is it (brand/model, laptop or desktop)?


I’ve never had Yast work
I’m using dsl 1.5mbs w/ethernet cable
using opensuse 10.3 kde
I installed Suse on a new hard drive and I’m multi booting w/ windows xp home

never worked…hmmmm…so, then you are using 10.3 the way it was
born from a fresh install with the DVD or CD…right?

hmmmm…well, if you ever do get it to work you will have a billion
updates to download and install…

is there a reason you have not installed a later release–that is, do
you know that 10.3 drops dead in 31 days!!

i guess i recommend you go ahead and install 11.1, and do that from
the CD so you can choose to install KDE3 (which is probably what you
have now…but, KDE4 is on the street…unfortunately the version
which ships with 11.1 is more bugs than good…read up on KDE4 and
make your own choice)

if you decide you really wanna update that 10.3 now, i suppose the
first thing to do is to reinstall yast by using zypper…you might
wanna try this:

open a terminal, then type the first line below and press enter [do
NOT over look the fact that it is su[space]- ], then WAIT until all
activity has stopped and you are returned to the command prompt, and
then type the second, wait, repeat

su -

rpmdb --rebuilddb

zypper ref

zypper up

be advised, this process MAY take a very long time, it could download
and install a LOT of changes…

i’d advise you to backup your personal data (movies, photos, emails,
documents, doctoral thesis, drafts of novels and etc)


I knew it would be an easy fix, I’m just going to install SUSE 11.1
that should fix it, Thanks a lot,

P.S. I did not know that about 10.3