Help, I desperately need wireless!

I’m using an HP Compaq nx9010 laptop and the wireless just won’t work.
We have a wireless router that I use to wirelessly “hook up” my Wii, my Nintendo DS, and, up until Christmas, my PC in my room using Wi-Fi (I got my laptop for Christmas).
My dad says my wireless driver is no good for Linux, but me being me I need a second (or third or fourth, etc.) opinion. What do I need to do???
I’ve been using ethernet cables for too long! LOL
thanks in advance!
[The noob]
BTW pleez don’t flame me :smiley:

In a terminal as root
“lspci -v”

then copy and paste the section that IDs your wireless chipset.

Then someone can help once we know what we are dealing with.

Which one is the wireless chipset section?
Here’s what I’m getting:
Host Bridge
PCI Bridge
Multimedia x
ISA Bridge
CardBus Bridge
CardBus Bridge
Network Controller
FireWire x
IDE Interface
Ethernet Controller x
VGA Compatible Controller

The ones I put the X’s by I know they aren’t the wireless Chipset.

just post the complete output. normally,wireless is found near the end of the file.if you can’t find it,try typing
hwinfo --wlan in a console