HELP! i cant connect to internet via zyxel G-202 usb wireles

i m linux newbie user. But i really excited to use opensuse os.when i saw the screenshot, article about openSUSE release vs vista,i think SUSE much much better than vista.i m so impressed but, i m so dispointed when i cant connect internet. Someone please help me to suggest step how to solve my basic problem. Maybe someone can give me link tutorial opensuse for dummies like me. By the time goes by, i also explore this opensuse to improve myself so that i can improve my knowledge.

my hardware-Zyxel G-202 usb wireless
driver- not install coz i not found driver for linux os,only for mac
os-OpenSUSE 11.1
Data encryption-WEP
Network key-yes

i also need to print my work to photostate machine using wifi. help…please:’(

Have a look at the stickies in the wireles sub-forum.Lots of useful info there


thanks sir. i already explore kde and gnome but yet still cant connect the internet. i have a few problems due to find usable sticky in this forum. i dont have internet connections at home, only at my office. so my searching is quite limited.but i believe all expert forumer can help me to solve my problem. I just need a few steps how to set up my usb wifi, where can i scan wifi network available with suse 11.1 gnome, can i used my usb wifi without installing the firmware or driver, i cant found my usb wifi driver(just have for XP and mac). Please help me solve my problem eventhough some people might think my problem just basic in this forum.:frowning: