Help! I broke my 11.3 system

Hi, I need some help if possible. My computer was working well but I couldn’t get the ATI menu’s to work for my card so I think I deleted or changed the repository. Next thing I know I reboot and I get the following message:

"Not starting NFS Client Services - no NFS found in etc/fstab:

I then get to the login screen and command prompt but I can’t start the menu services.

Can someone please advise on a solution if any?

Thank you.

I don’t know what a ATI menu is and not sure at all about menu services. I’m guessing you are talking about a desktop? Which one do you use? KDE Gnome some other???

someone around here reported yesterday that NFS wasn’t starting in
run level 5, suddenly…after messing with ATI drivers…was that you?

if not, i hereby suspect the latest kernel drop (or something) has
caused the problem for both you and the other poster…here, let me
suggest the two of you get together in the same thread and compare
notes (hardware, desktop environment, symptoms)…and, i guess one of
you probably need to log a bug, and, the other add a comment…see
that other post here

and, here for bugs:

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