Help: Howto setup a vsftp server the way i want it??


Can somebody tell me in simple steps howto setup a vsftp server my way?

Main FTP Directory (Home)
|___ Download (Visable every user)
|___ Upload (Not Visable for FTP users
|___ User1 (Only visable for user1)
|___ User2 (Only visable for user2)
|___ User…(Only visable for user…)

If someone logs in he comes in the main and can choose for down or upload.

Further i want to have i think they call it virtual users, so only a login for the ftp program, nothing more. (a little bid like windows bulletproof ftp server)

Hopefully someone can tell me howto in simple steps.
I’ve got Linux Suse all ready installed, but can’t get it to work as i want it!!

Does anybody know if there is a gui to set things up like this.

Thanks all ready!!!

I don’t use it, but this may help

Thanks for the link, but it didn’t help…

Again Thanks