Help! how to create a custom DVD from existing SLES DVD?

Hello everyone!

I need to create a customized SLES 10 DVD. It has to include different packages of software than already included.

I thought that maybe makeSUSEdvd may help me to do that task, but apparently it is not too happy with having no source cds but one dvd.

Is it even possible to add my custom packages and create a bootable SLES DVD including those?
If so, is makeSUSEdvd the weapon of choice?

Please answer if you have at least a small clue for me. I am pretty desperate right now.

Hi Marcus,

Have a look at what Autoyast can do for you, a couple of links for you : SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED 10) - Deployment Guide - Simple Mass Installation

Meant as additional info (in the terms of ’ think big’ :wink: ), also check out this link for some nice tips on automating and centralizing installs :

Cool Solutions: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 for the Masses: Discover the Power of Network-Based, Hands-Free Installations

How to — Create a SLED or SLES mini cd « Linux In Novell’s East Region
Cool stuff you might not know that AutoYast can do – Part 1 « Linux In Novell’s East Region

Cheers, take a deep breath & have fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks for links, there is some really interesting stuff.
I will dig through the links, but they mostly seem to focus on network installation.

That is sadly no option in my case, i need to create a dvd that contains all needed packages and files in order to install a server automatically.

I managed to get autoyast to work with a standard SLES dvd in combination with a floppy containing the autoinst.xml. But the goal is to have a single dvd containing the autoyast configuration file and my custom packages.

I would rather just get IsoBuster and add the packages to the dvd iso, but i doubt that i can install them automatically then.

The first link also contains ways to deploy by DVD

Preparing to Boot from CD-ROM

There are several ways in which booting from CD-ROM can come into play in AutoYaST installations. Choose from the following scenarios:


Boot and Install from Custom Media, Get the Profile from the Media

If you just need to install a limited number of software packages and the number of targets is relatively low, creating your own custom CD holding both the installation data and the profile itself might prove a good idea, especially if no network is available in your setup. 

It should be possible, but I have not prepared a DVD like this myself… so I don’t know the details here but will post if I find some more useful info!

Here is an older CoolSolution TID that might help : 10099770: How do I create a custom boot CD for autoyast installations?

It should also be valid for SLES / SLED 10

Hope that helps,

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

I am able to build a working dvd iso that includes a working autoyast file.
But adding custom packages that are included to the catalogue is a very painful job. I really question the necessity of creating package checksums and checksums of the checksums. In my case, this is just a burden.

I will try to figure out how to use init scripts in autoyast. My goal is to have a folder named “addon” on the SLES dvd that contains my custom packages. After the installation. an Init script just mounts the dvd and installs the packages via rpm.