Help: Graphics card driver for Opensuse 12.2

Hello to all. I’ve just installed opensuse 12.2 linux OS. And when I look at the systems info, the system only detects the intel graphics card and it does not detect the dedicated graphics card it has.

I’ m using acer 4750g with nvidia GT 540M graphics card. Where can I find the driver installer for it and how do I install it? Many thanks.

Start here: Bumblebee - NVIDIA Optimus support for Linux!

Read this thread, post #3 contains a nice set of instructions, that did the trick on my laptop.

Hi! What thread? Can you please give the link? :slight_smile:

I’ ve checked the link. But bumblebee currently supports only arch, debian, fedora, gentoo, mandriya and ubuntu linux. I’ m using opensuse so I guess I can’t use any of those? I’ m not sure though.

Sorry, this is the link., I followed post #3 and now have a working situation.