Help - Freez at detect the video card

I have SUSE 11.1 installation DVD which during the check does not report any error…
During the installation everything goes well till the end when it starts the detection of a video card, (I get the screen : don’t panic your…blabla) and than the screen freezes and the installation to, at first place I was thinking that it needs some time but it went for more than 20 minutes like that.

I have repeated the installation but it happened again?:’(

Please help!

I had the same problem on one of our servers with an onboard Intel Extreme (sic) 82845G graphics controller and a network install from the net CD.

Everything goes fine until the installer starts probing the graphics card - then it all goes tits up and the system hangs showing a close-up of someone’s bad shirt. The disk is quite obviously still doing something but the keyboard is dead and it needs tickled with a pen.

Ultimately, since it was a server, I just reverted to a text-mode install and opted for a bare server build with no X.

I’ve read of similar problems with this chipset on recent Fedora installs too.

Sorry I can’t be more constructive but maybe if you post details of your hardware…

My PC is Fujitsu-Siemens SCENIC P300 (i845GE)
with intel mainboard and integrated video card

I dont know more details than that at the moment but I can obtainit if nececery.

I have downlodaded live CD installation of 11.1 so this afternoon I will tray to install it again.

It is strange that 11.1 does not detect my video card since the 11.0 version didnot have any problem to detect it!

try using the automatic configuration.if that does not work try booting with acpi=off

OK I have downloaded the Live CD also and same problem again, during the detection of Video it gets stack!

While at the same time Linux Mint went smoothly without any problem.

Just to resume: i am using a PC with Intel Main board and integrated video card.

SUSE 11.1 DVD nor Live CD where able to detect the video card - so the problem is not in bad installation media.

At the same time I didn’t have that problem with SUSE 11.0 :’(