Help for Network Configuration - Router AFTER IP Switch >>>

Hello I need some help for the following network configuration,

Lets say that I have my Router AFTER the IP Switch… >

I got my IP range from ISP(30IPs) - for example router IP should be:

Local Network:

Thats a example of the network.
ISP FiberOptic -to-> SWITCH -1to-> ROUTER
------------------------------------2to-> Servers (Real/Public IPs)
------------------------------------3to-> Workstations (Local Network)

The problem is that the connection will be Fiber Optic and its going to the switch first., what configuration should I use(for the switch, for the router,for the local computers and the connection between them how should it be).

The hardware is following:

SWITCH: HP Procurve 4208vl-72GS Switch 68 x 10/100/1000 Ports + 4 x mini-GBIC Slots

ROUTER: Mikrotik Routerboard RB1000


Don’t you need another switch to distribute the network to the workstations? Isn’t it a waste to put a switch with so many ports before the router, when all you need is some kind of media converter from fiber to copper?

I do have another switch to distribute the network to the workstations.

ISP FiberOptic -to-> SWITCH -1to-> ROUTER
------------------------------------2to-> Servers (Real/Public IPs)
--------->----------------->----------3to–>------------- Trend Net 24p Switch-------> Workstations (Local Network)

So set up your router to pass through your public address range, i.e. no NAT or masquerading. How it’s done depends on the router. I don’t know the router in question so I can’t say. There isn’t anything SUSE specific about setting up the network though.

The problem is not in that, look what have I explained that I want to do, I need to do the same network configuration as the one that I have described, not something else. ,
The router should be after the switch and the FiOS is going directly to the switch, so I am wondering the first machine in the network with the first ISP Public IP will be the switch or the router?
In that configuration that I have described up , can I do the router the first public IP machine and the switch with local IP and the connection to go first though the router and after that to the server and then back to switch to distribute to other machines.

Or I need to make the switch with FiOS going in, the first machine in the Public Network and then to give Public IP to the server and with the second LAN of the router to distribute local IPs…,


Can’t you just set up the switch to be transparent and let the router have the gateway address? Usually the switch’s address is for management.

I figured it out. Thanks.