Help for a newbie

Hello all,

I have converted a PC into a complete Linux box using the KDE-Live CD and openSUSE 12.2. When I completed the installation yesterday, everything appeared to be normal except that the very last step, the auto re-boot, never occurred.

Today, when I boot up the machine I get a green open SUSE screen and then I get this weird “checkerboard” screen, and the expected normal screen never loads.

What have I done wrong?



Welcome. It is a bit difficult to say but, if it did not reboot after the initial installation, you have an incomplete installation. 12.2 is a bit long in the tooth. So, if you can get hold of 13.1 (it needs a DVD for the Live versions as well as the full version), you will be better off. However, unless someone else has experienced the same symptoms and can give you more helpful advice, the procedure is probably the same: reinstall. Because you already have done most of the installation, the only partition it should overwrite will be the / partition; so it will take slightly less to get to the same point.

It is probably a graphics problem try booting to recovery mode that is in the advanced area in grub

What video?

a checker broad ??

that is a bit odd

but seeing as 12.2 went END OF LIFE last month
it is not a good idea to use it
See the wiki: “lifetime”

12.3 has 208 days left on support
and 13.1 is the current version

i would just do a new install with 13.1 or if you NEED the older 12 version 12.3

And please next time use a title of your thread different from what you use now. The title “Help for a newbie” does not povide any information about what your problem is. Thus it may be very likely that many people do not even read the rest of your request.

… don’t get your hopes up, John. It was a checker board, not a broad!

… seems that openSUSE 12.2 isn’t living anymore.


Let me try to translate that.

What kind of graphics hardware (graphics card) are you using ?

Intel onboard, Nvidia, ATI ?

It turns out that the install for 12.2 was incomplete. Now, I need to install 12.3. I’m sure you would ask why not 13.1, but the application I have to install is not yet approved for 13.1.

The problem now is I do not see anywhere I can download 12.3 with KDE. Source anyone?


Please choose your poison: :wink: