Help! Flash in Firefox only plays with USB headset, not speakers?

I’ve been listening to Pandora in a browser for months on openSUSE 11.2. I just got some external speakers (hooked to the back of the computer via a green speaker-out jack). For some odd reason, when I have the speakers hooked up, Pandora FREEZES. It does it every time. When I unhook the speakers and instead hook up the USB headset, it’s fine. VLC plays my mp3’s to the speakers with no problem.

Also, I discovered that youtube does not play any audio with the speakers (wotks with USB headset) but doesn’t freeze.

Any ideas?

How do I get flash to work with my speakers?

EDIT: More info: I renamed the .macromedia folder but this did NOT fix the issue.

I figured it out!! I had to go into “Sound->Configure Your Sound Card” and make the speakers the primary sound device.

But isn’t that weird that I had to do that? Shouldn’t that be automatic since it was detected and the USB is no longer there (and I even went in to the “Configure Desktop - > Multimedia” and set the speakers as the default for everything.