Help finding Application menu or Launcher

In short I had my panel all setup and I clicked on an option to make the panel an icon only panel, which is not what I wanted, then is hopes of fixing it I removed the panel. Then problem is that also removed my application menu. How do I find the application menu through the search option?

Ok, I have managed to found the name of the application. Kickoff is what I am looking for but when I search it does not come up. Do I have to restart Kickoff from the command line.

I added Kickoff as a widget and now I have access to all of my application, but I right click on any application and I can not add it to a panel or add as a launcher to a panel. How can I fix this problem? My end result is it have my panel with my applications that I use on a regular basis.

Unlock your widgets.

Btw, you can add the default panel by right-clicking on the desktop (or clicking on the toolbox icon in the top-left corner) and choosing “Add Panel”->“Default Panel”.

And by default Kicker is used as application menu on openSUSE, not Kickoff. Kickoff had a bug in 5.4.x that you could not “Add to Panel”, with Kicker it should work fine (right-click on the application menu icon and choose “Alternatives” to switch between them, or just add a second one to your panel).
Or just drag and drop the entries from the menu to the panel or the desktop, this should work too (with both).

But there has been an update to Plasma 5.5.4 for Leap where this should be fixed. So you should update your system if you experience this problem.

Another option is to add a launcher to the task manager by just right-clicking on a running application entry in it.

I was able to reset the default panel that added kicker back to the panel. I did update my system prior to that working so that had a lot to do with my problem because I had tried to add a default panel before the update but it did not work the same as it did after the update. Also, thank you for the clarification on Kicker, I was only able to find information about Kickoff as I searched online but I also did not have a lot of time Friday to research enough online. At the end of the day I have my desktop the way that I want it for now. I will fine tune the appearance and effects of my desktop but I like openSUSE and KDE plasma a lot better than Ubuntu and it has been less than a month. Thank you for the help.