Help During updating ...?

i want to updating system,During updating
show this message:

the screen locker is broken and unlocking is not possible anymore. 
in order to unlock switch to a terminal (e.g. ctrl+alt+f2).
login and execute the command:
loginctl unlock-session
afterwards switch back to the running session (ctrl+alt+F8)

how to return and unlock screen without logout, and continue updating ?(i dont want logout because system is updating )

It’s already in the message what you should do.

i pressed ( ctrl+alt+f2) then login and type loginctl unlock-session,But nothing happened

Thanks anyway I waited for the update to end. then sudo reboot and restart system, now works

great message from the updater. You only have followed it half…

loginctl unlock-session
afterwards switch back to the running session (ctrl+alt+F8)

After typing in the first command (line), your running (graphical) session was unlocked, and ready to be used again. But you didn’t see that, since you were in the txt-session on ctlr-alt-F2. ctrl-alt-F8 could have brought you back there…

Thanks for your response
I did not completely focus on the message ( i thought that’s for logout and relogin)
Now I understand

Hi guys - any idea what might be causing this? I just had the same problem and I had never seen it before. I’m using Leap 42.2. There was someone suggesting on an older thread that it could be disk space but all my partitions look fine.


No, it was not (at least, if command line was typed in exactly as shown here). What was unlocked, was tty session where this command was issued, which is different from graphical session.

This just happened to me again and I actually lost a file I hadn’t saved…

Hoping this permanently fixes it (sharing just in case someone else happens to read this thread) even though I haven’t figured out why the screen can’t be unlocked: