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Trying to recover data off a shot hard drive… XP system… says I don’t have permission to open the drives/folders… not the owner… how do I get permission…

Please post the result of this from a su terminal
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fdisk -l

which dev and partition is it in this list.

Please also do this from a terminal

cat /etc/fstab

It’s possible if you look at this, you may be able to work it out yourself, but please come back if you need help
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I’ll add a little to this one:

Your drive is probably NTFS. Maybe Fat32, but not likely. I think the fdisk will tell you which file system it uses. This is important.

Fat file systems can be seen by the kernel. NTFS is harder. To mount an NTFS drive in Linux requires installing the software drives that enable reading and writing to NTFS. Then you can mount the drive. Googling NTFS and Linux will give you pages like this one:
Linux: Mount a Windows file system from Linux ;which will tell you more about this.

If you still have a Windows box, it might be quicker to slave the drive in that box and get what you can off it. On the other hand, it didn’t take me as long to get to my NTFS drive as some other learning curves in Linux. Good luck.

Not true, the kernel has an NTFS driver which is good for read-only. So if one doesn’t require to write on NTFS, one can use the kernel’s NTFS driver which works perfectly fine (I use it often when I bring back disks to inspect what’s on them)

re: NTFS in kernel - thank you for the correction.

However, I may be mistaken, but the addition of read-only NTFS access may be fairly recent. I do KNOW that in order to accomplish this task earlier this year I HAD to install the NTFS drivers. It may have been I was using an earlier kernel, it may have been a hardware specificity, who knows?

Both bits of information should be helpful to the OP:

You might have NTFS read-only access in your kernel, but if you don’t, the NTFS drivers are also available.



If the NTFS filesystem is not clean, will the RO kernel driver mount it?

I’ve read the ntfs3g won’t mount non-clean because the format of the NTFS journal is not reverse-engineered and MS won’t cooperate by publishing format.

NTFS config does offer NTFS write support if you need it.